Remove “Download a copy” button from the Ribbon

After a short break I am back to SharePoint development. This time I decided to do something with JavaScript and jQuery.

Today morning one of my friend came to me with a requirement. She wanted to remove “Download a copy” button from a particular document library. I know that can be done with CustomAction but in her case custom development was not an option. She wanted to achieve this using browser interface only.
I tried to google for a solution but nothing found useful. Then I tried to embed JavaScript on the page with a Content Editor webpart. That also failed because the script was not executed properly since the ribbon loaded dynamically (after the page load, when user selects an item).

Then I decided to try with CSS and there I had success.
Here is what I did:
1. Added a Content Editor webpart to the AllItems.aspx page
2. Added following HTML into the HTML source of CEWP.

a[id$='Ribbon.Documents.Copies.Download-Large'] {

Some screenshots


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